Two top beauty tricks to know

Many of us have had to fight unsightly dark circles under the eye at some stage in our life. And what about when you find a gorgeous piece of costume jewellery only to discover that it turns your skin green? This week we have two beauty tricks to keep your skin the right shade of colour. The best part is, you’ve probably got both these items in your bathroom.

Banish those bags

Bear with us here. You may think you’ve tried every trick in the book to hide dark circles under your eyes, but have you tried red lipstick?

It may sound crazy, but red lipstick works in the same way green concealer covers redness. The red acts as a complimentary colour to cover dark circles, as they tend to have blue undertones.

Give it a go by using a concealer brush to cover the darkest areas with an orangey-red shade of lipstick. Then use a concealer slightly lighter than your foundation in a triangular shape from the outer corner of your eye to the outside of your nostril, and back up to the inner corner of your eye. This triangle should completely cover the red lipstick.

Blend until the entire area is brightened and set with a powder. Then prepare to be amazed at looking well rested.

Stop green stains

Another pet peeve: you buy a piece of non-precious or inexpensive jewellery that you love. It looks fabulous and you congratulate yourself on a great purchase until you take it off and discover that it has turned your skin green.

You may not know, but those green stains are a result of the metal reacting with your skin. Copper and even silver can oxidise when it comes in contact with your skin.

Thankfully there’s a quick and easy trick to stop those green stains. Next time you buy jewellery made of less expensive metal, simply coat any part that may come in contact with your skin with clear nail polish. Leave it to dry, and then put on your piece and get back to congratulating yourself for grabbing a bargain and looking great.

And if you see a tinge of discolouration creeping back at any point, just add another coat of polish and you’re in the clear again.

Have you tried either of these tricks? Do you have any tried-and-tested beauty tips of your own to share?

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