What your glasses reveal about your personality

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Glasses have become more than just a vision correction tool; they have transformed into a fashion statement that reflects a person’s personality. From colourful frames to thick black frames, each style speaks volumes about the wearer. Let’s delve into what your choice of eyewear reveals about you.

Creative people lean towards colour

Glasses frames now come in an array of vibrant colours, offering a creative outlet for artistic individuals. Those who do dare to colour their vision are typically very creative, optometrist Lynn Green told Reader’s Digest. “Artists love colour,” she said. “They are very particular with what they like and they know what they like.”

Surprisingly, it’s not only extroverts but also introverts who gravitate towards colourful eyewear. Ms Green explained that individuals who have always blended in and remained neutral may reach a point in their lives where they seek a change. These bold, bright colours help them step out of their comfort zone and express themselves.

Big round frames are quirky

Known as ‘Harry Potter frames,’ big round frames are not as common as they used to be, but still have their place in the modern era. They evoke a classic and vintage aesthetic reminiscent of old Hollywood. People with a touch of quirkiness and an appreciation for history or vintage style often embrace these frames.

Classic black is still chic

If you spot someone rocking thick black frames, chances are they are part of the younger crowd. These frames make a bold statement, demanding attention. Ms Green described them as frames that scream, “Look at me!”

Even though these glasses are particularly popular among people in their late teens to 20s, it doesn’t mean they don’t look great on a more mature face. In fact, wearing these frames suggests that the individual is on trend and unafraid to stand out.

Aviators scream adventurous

Fashion designer Larisa Ginzburg believes that those who favour aviator frames are adventurous souls. Aviators exude a classic yet modern style, attracting risk takers who march to the beat of their own drum.

“If you’re a fan of the aviators frame, chances are you’ve always been a risk taker. Just like you, this style is classic, but not concerned with respecting the rules and will stand out in its modern reinterpretations. The wearer is an active, devoted person who knows what they want and they’re not afraid to live for the moment. An undying staple of coolness, aviator glasses are a favourite among brave and outspoken people,” Ms Ginzburg said.

Patterns add a dash of fun

When it comes to patterns and colours, it’s predominantly women who opt for these stylish frames. However, older individuals who long for the carefree days of their youth also embrace bright colours and patterns. Some even feature designs such as little flowers near the temples, adding a touch of cuteness to their eyewear. These patterned frames indicate a cheerful nature and a person who doesn’t take life too seriously.

Simple, clean lines are sensible

While we’ve discussed creative individuals, what about those who lean toward logic, mathematics or science? Ms Green has noticed that these individuals prioritise function over style when selecting eyewear. They prefer structure and simplicity, paying attention to clean lines and minimalistic designs. For them, glasses are a practical tool rather than a means of self-expression.

Browlines are the business

Last but not least, browline frames, also known as club masters or semi-rimless frames, make a powerful statement. These frames feature a bold upper frame and a thin bottom frame.

Ms Ginzburg describes them as smart, stylish, and synonymous with professionalism. Browline frames are a favourite among ambitious individuals who are knowledgeable and aim high in life. They strike a balance between making a statement and maintaining a down-to-earth personality.

In conclusion, your choice of glasses speaks volumes about your personality. From colourful frames for creative souls to thick black frames for trendsetters, each style showcases different traits and preferences. So, next time you pick a pair of glasses, consider what you want them to say about you.

Do you wear glasses? Do you try to match the style with your personality? Let us know in the comments section below.

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