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Your worst jeans’ problem solved

So the other week I answered the age old question of whether one could be too old for denim. For those of you who missed my pearls of wisdom, the answer is, of course,‘no.’

Bearing that in mind, now that you’re no doubt strutting your stuff in every shade of denim imaginable, I feel it is only fair I let you in on a little secret. You may have noticed that often (all the time) the zip on jeans will fall down slightly. You’ve probably also tried to fix this countless times as, let’s be honest, if the zip is not completely done up, it can give the, clearly false, impression that you cannot fit in your pants properly.

I have multiple pairs of jeans that would be otherwise perfect except for this major issue. For those of you who’ve experienced this firsthand, it is completely maddening. No matter how high you pull up the zip, moments later you will look in the mirror again to see it’s made its way back down away from the button. I’ve even had brand new zips replaced in the hope of solving this to no success at all. However, not one to be the bearer of all bad news, the good news is there is a quick and easy solution to this problem.

Perhaps unsurprisingly your saving grace comes in the form of the humble safety pin. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Open the safety pin and put it through the top square of your zip.
  2. Leaving the safety pin open, pull up your zip as per usual
  3. Close the safety pin around the base of your button
  4. Do up your button as you normally would

Congratulations! You have now securely fastened the zip of your pants to your button. Go out and freely enjoy your life without having to worry about constantly pulling up your zipper. Now, what will you do with all that free time?

Disclaimer: obviously this is slightly annoying every time you need to undo your pants, to go to the toilet, of course, and not because you ate too much dessert at dinner. I suggest you carry a stash of safety pins so you have some spare in case your original one gets bent out of shape over its new found job.

Do you have any more great tips to solve annoying pants’ problems? Share them in the comments below. We promise you’ll get good karma in return.

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