Female and never changed a tyre?

“How many women have never changed a car tyre?”

Jack’s curious about this because his wife has just driven six kilometres on a flat tyre and, when she got home, proudly declared: “I made it.”

Trouble is that the tyre didn’t. Nor did the rim. Both were ruined.

“My wife had a father, three brothers and now me who have always looked after her cars for her, so when she gets a flat tyre, she has no idea what to do. She simply drives home so somebody can look at it.”

Now we don’t want to appear sexist with Jack’s question about women and car tyres, so, in the name of equality, we’ll mention Brenda’s question: “Am I married to the only man who has never towed anything?

“My husband has never towed a trailer, a boat or a caravan.

“I recently suggested we hire a caravan to see if we liked it and he eventually admitted that towing it worried him, especially backing it.

“He says he tried it once – backing a trailer into his father’s driveway – but couldn’t and had to get help, so he’s never tried it again.”

You’ve never done what?
Towing and changing a flat tyre got us thinking about other things we may never have done.

For example, how many of you haven’t operated a chainsaw? How about a power tool, such as a circular saw or a jigsaw?

How many of you have never had a pet of any sort?

How many of you have never placed a bet on a horse at a TAB?

Is there anybody who hasn’t been swimming in the sea or painted on canvas?

Who among you has never broken a bone or been operated on?

Have you ever killed something because you needed to eat?

I once met a chap who lived in Derby, in England, and he’d never been to London, some 180 kilometres down the road.

Sock it to me
Adam asked us to let us know about a Christmas present idea, not for you to buy someone else, but for the kids to give you.

“For Father’s Day, I was given a pair of socks which has photos of my three grandchildren on them. They’re fantastic … almost too good to wear.”

If you want to see them, google DivvyUp the sock company and plan ahead. They take a while to make.

Rob was stuck in traffic coming out of the city when something odd happened.

“The four doors of the car in front of me all opened at the same time and everybody got out.

“There were three or four young girls and they were screaming. So was the woman who looked like the mother.

“Turned out there was a big spider in the car.

“Amazing how such a little thing can clear a car so quickly.”

Al stands corrected
Al was driving with his four-year-old son when somebody suddenly cut him off.

An exchange of beeping went on, followed by some abusive finger gestures, then some verbal abuse through open windows.

It ended with Al shouting: “F… ya!”

Suddenly, there was a noise from behind. “Daddy, you don’t say ‘F— ya’, It’s ‘F— you.’”

A small world
How many times in your life have you heard somebody say: “It’s a small world”?

Well, you’re about to hear it again.

Peter was inEnglandon holidays and went to a day of the Test cricket between England and India.

“After play, I went with a mate to a nearby pub where I ran into somebody I see regularly in Australia.

“What are you doing here?” I said with some surprise.

“I’m here with two mates” and he pointed them out.

“I knew both of them, but didn’t know that any of the three boys knew each other. What are the chances?

“It sure is a small world.”


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