Five most offensive TV ads

While most of us simply tune out when the ads come on TV, some viewers are so incensed they complain to the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB). You may think sex and nudity are what generates the most complaints, but you’ll be surprised by which ad topped the list.

** Please note, if some people have found these ads offensive, you may too **

1. Holden Colorado – 161 complaints – no one found a child saying “bloody” very funny. 


2. Ashley Madison dating site – 138 complaints – seen to promote infidelity and was actually banned from TV.


3. Stan – 66 complaints – generally felt that the innuendo was offensive and not required


4. Lynx hair products – 62 complaints – showed two men kissing and that this shouldn’t be shown on prime time TV


5. Bingle insurance – 41 complaints – demeaning to animals and might encourage unscrupulous types to use animals in a cruel fashion

Is there an advert on TV you have ever complained about, or considered complaining about? Which ad do you currently find offensive or annoying?


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