Float off to sleep in Sydney

When it comes to hotels, it takes a lot to impress guests nowadays. However, the latest joint venture from Ovolo Hotels and hotel booking app HotelTonight has gone ahead and blown us out of the water.

Ovolo’s other hotels, 1888 in Sydney and Melbourne’s Laneway Hotel, are already pretty cool, cutting edge places to stay but its latest offering is something slightly different – mainly due to the fact it was located in Sydney Harbour.

Constructed from two 20 foot shipping containers, and called the ‘Spontaneity Suite’ the five-star floating haven features floor to ceiling glass walls, a rooftop terrace and Jacuzzi, access to Apple TV and Netflix and room service delivered via boats.

Usually costing the cool $36,000 per night, for one weekend in November some lucky souls were able to book the floating paradise for only $99. But as Mastercard would say, ‘harbour side views; priceless’.

With booking only available through the HotelTonight app, the innovative island was docked at a secret location in Sydney’s harbour for a week during November. For the majority of us mere mortals who don’t have a spare $36K lying around and missed out on the special deal on the suite, we can only hope that this ground-breaking idea inspires a more permanent version.

Do you agree? How do you feel about the concept of floating hotel rooms?

Read more about the Spontaneity Suite at Pedestrian TV.



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