Get down and dirty

Ten years on from it’s first theatre run, Dirty Dancing is again touring Australia and I was keen to see if the production could capture the magic of the movie.

I was about 15 when Dirty Dancing first hit movie screens and like most teenage girls, I was hooked. Being blessed with two left feet and not a lot of rhythm, I was never going to be the next Baby, but that didn’t stop me trying to master the merengue on my way to the kitchen. And while I didn’t fall in love with Patrick Swayze as Johnny, I did play the music over and over again, while dreaming of my own Prince Charming.

Remaining true to the movie script, even the “I carried a watermelon” line, the excitement of those in the audience, when they realised that one of their favourite scenes would be next, was contagious and I was only too happy to be swept along. The dancers were toned and talented, throwing moves from fashionable 50s dances like they were going out of style, and the music was every bit as magical as I remembered.

Being only the second night the show had been running in Melbourne, the cast clearly enjoyed performing to a live audience and, thanks to a little injection of humour, made the assembled crowd part of the performance.

All the old classics are there; These Arms of Mine, Love is Strange, Be My Baby and of course, (I’ve had) The Time of My Life. And while it’s not a sing-a-long type of show, you will at the very least be humming your favourite tunes

I truly had the time of my life when I went to see Dirty Dancing at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre, and for anyone who loved the movie, I would heartily recommend the stage version. Why not watch the trailer and get a taste of what to expect?


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