How to build a raised garden bed

A little ingenuity goes a long way, especially for a gardener working within the confines of a small space, like a courtyard. A simple DIY raised garden bed is a great way to maximise space and grow your own fresh herbs, veggies or flowers.

A raised garden bed can become a beautiful feature piece of your yard, and be made out of almost anything – a large steel container, a wooden box, an old wheelbarrow.

If you’re a decent handyperson with a few power tools on hand, you’ll find this easy-to-follow YouTube tutorial a great DIY project. It’s a relatively inexpensive task but you’ll need some wooden sleepers and the right tools.

If you’re more of an afternoon crafts-type, this cheap DIY raised garden bed requires only a few basic items and tools, and can be put together in under 30 minutes.

Have you ever built a simple raised garden bed? Do have any tips for your fellow YLC DIYers?

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