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How to buy socks that last

You might not give much thought to the socks you buy, but getting the right pair – that will last – can save you money.

For most of us, socks are something of an afterthought. But for such a small part of an outfit, wearing the wrong socks can leave you feeling uncomfortable and really ruin your day.

Some people prefer not to wear socks at all, but Julia Kelly, owner of sock store The Sockery, told The Guardian this will almost guarantee that you’ll wreck your shoes.

“Sweat is full of bacteria,” she said.

“So, to keep your sneakers smelling fresh, always wear socks … of any kind.”

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Ms Kelly said that most socks today are designed to fit one of three categories – sport, business and fashion. The category of your sock will dictate the blend of materials used and their weave style.

“Socks nowadays are woven to ensure they are fit for purpose and usually involve a blend of a number of yarns,” she said.

“Most manufacturers will blend the yarns to create the correct ‘recipe’ for the intended use.”

Sport socks
Socks you wear while exercising or generally being active should provide at least some cushioning at impact points on your feet. This will allow you to stay on your feet longer with less irritation.

Socks with arch support will help stop your socks sliding down as you move. This will also help prevent blisters forming.

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You’ll want to look for socks made from materials that wick moisture away. These are usually artificial blends such as polyester and nylon.

Avoid socks that 100 per cent cotton as cotton absorbs moisture and can leave your feet feeling heavy.

Business socks
Dress socks need to be a combination of supportive and professional. According to Real Men’s Style, a good business or dress sock should come “at least midway up the calf”.

“All the way to the lower edge of the knee is great, if you find that comfortable, but at least halfway up the calf should be your minimum,” they advise.

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Once again, a polyester blend is going to be best for business socks and for the same reason. Being on your feet at work all day is just as physically demanding as exercise, and you’ll need to get sweat away fast.

Fashion socks
‘Fashion socks’ covers a wide range of socks and really means just anything outside the other two categories.

One thing they do have in common however, is a commitment to how they look over their functionality or even comfort. But you can have the best of both worlds.

All styles – long, short, ankle, no-show, crew – are all accounted for here, with all sorts of colours, textures and patterns available.

What type of socks do you prefer? Or do you prefer no socks at all? Let us know in the comments section below.

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