How to clean your windows like a pro

Some household chores can be really frustrating. Cleaning a bathroom is never fun, but it’s pretty easy – and once you’re done, it feels wonderfully rewarding.

Cleaning your windows, however, is difficult and time consuming. And once you’ve finished, there’s no guarantee they won’t be covered in smears.

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Window cleaners can be costly, so if you can, you may as well do it yourself. With the right kit and knowledge, it is possible to achieve clean, shiny glass.

Where to start

Because windows are double sided (obviously), it’s double the work, but start with the inside. If you’re short on time, break up the job. You can clean the insides one day and the outsides another, opt for half a home at a time, or even split it into 15-minute blocks and do one window at a time – sometimes that makes dirty jobs feel a bit more manageable.

“For the inside of my windows, I have great success with two methods,” says cleaning guru Wendy Miranda. “I use warm soapy water and scrub down both the glass and frame – taking one panel at a time. I then squeegee away all dirty water and wipe down the frame. Once that’s done, I use a window and glass cleaner and a microfibre cleaning cloth to give the glass a final once-over and real shine.”

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Cleaning the outside
Cleaning the outside of a window is undoubtedly trickier, because even ground floor glass can be hard to reach. And once you’re looking at multi-storey houses or apartments – and enormous ladders – the job can become even more off-putting.

However, you can now buy a kit designed to help you reach up high – sometimes without even needing to step on a ladder.

“For the outside, it has to be Wet & Forget,” Ms Miranda says. “It’s fast, removes all the elbow grease and gives amazing results.

“The powerful sniper nozzle can reach up to eight metres high – allowing you to reach high windows, even those on the second floor and my roof Velux, while standing on the ground. It’s also ideal for cleaning conservatories – and much safer than perching on a ladder. The citrate water softeners and smart surfactants dissolve grime, and give a really professional result – no spotting or streaking when you rinse with water and no need to scrub.”

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Other options include window squeegees with telescopic poles, which can reach similar heights, and are easy to find on Amazon, or at your local hardware store.

The ultimate window cleaning kit

Bissell Steam Shot Steam Cleaner, $109

Microfibre cleaning cloths

Wet & Forget Window Witch, 2L, $75

Window cleaning set

Do you clean your windows yourself or opt for a professional? Why not share your tips and tricks in the comments section below?

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