How to read your palm and what your heartline reveals about you

Palm reading has been used for centuries as a way to reveal people’s potential, personality and future. Whether believers or cynics, the practice has earned the attention of many curious folk over the years. The practice requires the reader to analyse the lines and formations of a person’s palm.

The heart line, the topmost line on your palm than runs horizontally from below your pinkie finger to below your middle finger, is the starting point and focus of many divination readings. It deals with matters of the heart including emotions, growth, spirituality, life, friendship, self and romantic love. Learning to read the heart line is an important step in learning to read palms and may even teach you a little more about yourself.

Where to start reading your palm

Cassandra Eason, author of A Little Bit of Palmistry, told Mind Body Green (MBG) that your dominant hand is shaped by the experiences you have and the people you meet, representing your “acquired life”. Ms Eason explains that your nondominant hand expresses your true and potential self.

When it comes to reading your heart line, it is read on your dominant hand. If you are right-handed, read the line from left to right across your palm, that is, from the pinkie edge of the line to its end below your middle or index finger. If you are left-handed, read it from right to left on your left palm.

If you read your own palm, or visit an expert to have your fortune told, don’t be afraid if you don’t like what you find. Palmistry is a guide that offers as many warnings as it does predictions. Ms Eason told MBG, “Nothing is fixed, but with the life map of your palms, you can plan the route and avoid obstacles on your path.”

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What does the heart line on your palm mean?

Is your heart line coarse or grainy? This can indicate sensuality and passion.

Is the heart line long, straight and ends below the index finger? This can indicate a person who is empathetic and highly emotionally intuitive.

Does the line fork into three at the end? This trident shape indicates a person who is lucky in life and love.

Does the line break or have many branches coming off it? This can indicate that a person will likely have many intense but fleeting friendships and romantic relationships.

Does the line curve upwards towards the fingers? If not, it may be an indication of a sensitive person who seeks affection and external validation. 

Is the heart line crisscrossed with other little lines? This can signify emotional trauma.

Does the heart line split in two? This suggests that a person is likely to put others before themselves.

Does the line sit higher on the palm? This may indicate that a person may have suppressed or silenced emotions.

Is the heart line deep? The deeper a heartline is, the deeper a person’s love and affection. A long, deep line also indicates self-awareness and being in tune with one’s emotions.  

Does the line end in a pronounced curve? This may indicate a person who is able to express and communicate their emotional needs.

Is the heart line faint? This can signify a person who has a delicate energy and is easily overpowered or bullied by others.

Is the heart line heavily chained? This may indicate more than one love interest and conflicting emotions.

Have you ever had your palm read? Do you believe someone’s personality, potential and future are written on the palm of their hand? Do you believe in palm reading and other forms of divination, or are you sceptical about the practice? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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