How to stay slim on holiday

Australians are one of the most well travelled nationalities in the world. And whether we’re exploring our own expansive country or heading further afield, there’s no denying that exploring is deeply engrained in our DNA.

While it’s easy to think of all the amazing aspects of travelling, such as experiencing new cultures, sights, and of course foods, the downside to the latter can often be unwanted weight gain, with the average Australian gaining around 1.5kg every time they travel, according to Nutrition Australia.

With routine out of the window, this unwanted extra weight is usually due to the combination of overeating and drinking, as well as doing very little exercise. So how can you avoid packing on the kilos on your next trip? We’ve got five simple tips to ensure you don’t bring home even more excess baggage after your next holiday.

1.     Where possible walk
This may seem obvious but many travellers will still hail a taxi or utilise public transport when travelling. Instead, on your next trip, walk as much as you can. It’s the best way to see a new city or town, is free, ensures you get some exercise and you’d be surprised how quickly the kilometres covered clock up.

2.     Breakfast can make or break your day
Often one of the main reasons we make poor food choices is because we’re hungry and our willpower is down. Make sure you fuel your body for the day ahead with a good breakfast, especially if it’s included in your accommodation rate. This saves you money and from making poor snacking selections later. Make healthy choices at breakfast that will give you energy for the day and allow you to indulge more when you’re out for lunch and dinner.

3.     Variety is key
Remember you didn’t book your holiday for the food alone! It’s easy to get caught up in where to eat and drink, and next thing you know your whole day has revolved around food. Plan a range of activities that includes sightseeing, local attractions, such as galleries and museums, and try to keep the places you want to try for food and drink to fit in with actual meal times, rather than adding in extra ones to your day.

4.     Schedule in siestas
After all you are on holiday! Travelling is demanding on the body and can be very tiring. Making time for an afternoon nap, especially on the first few days of your trip, will help to combat jetlag and allow your body to recuperate. Not only will you get more out of your holiday but also the extra rest will reduce stress in your body, something that is never good for weight gain.

5.     Avoid unnecessary additional alcohol
If you don’t drink then more power to you – this clearly doesn’t apply to you. However, if, like many of us, you enjoy unwinding by kicking back with a beverage, you may want to monitor your drinking.

We all tend to drink more on holiday and there’s nothing wrong with relaxing with a cocktail by the pool but if you’re starting to drink at lunch each day, and continuing through to dinner, it may be time to ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself.’ Alcohol isn’t the best thing for the body and contains large amounts of empty calories, which can quickly become added numbers on the scale.

We hope these five easy simple suggestions will help to keep you healthy and slim on your next holiday. Do you have any more tips that have stopped you stacking on unwanted weight on your past travels? 

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