Malcolm Turnbull’s dog blog

As many Australians may already be aware, prior to Mr Turnbull becoming a politician, he worked as a journalist, lawyer, investment banker and was also a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.

But did you know that the new Australian Prime Minister is a dog lover? So much so, that he has a ‘dog blog’ on his official website.

The blog not only features entries penned by the PM, but also the dogs themselves, with the most recent entry guest-written by Mr Turnbull’s friend Dusty the Kelpie, who has his own opinions about the state of Australia’s embattled NBN rollout.

Dusty writes: “The NBN’s satellite will start offering services next year, meaning our humans on cattle stations will be able to do things that Kelp and I do every day – like remotely monitoring livestock, watering points and fences. Humans can be so hopeless sometimes.”

And Jojo the Dog is no stranger to blogging either and, in July 2013, even campaigned on behalf of Mr Turnbull against then PM Kevin Rudd: 

“The election is approaching or is it? Kevin Rudd (who is a cat lover – I say no more) is keeping everyone guessing. Whenever it comes we are ready. We have our “Dogs 4 Turnbull” dog coats ready to wear and unless he runs down the clock to November it will still be cool enough to wear them.”

With entries ranging from canine philosophy to more politically-charged pieces, to a touching eulogy lamenting the passing of his beloved pet Mellie, the PM’s dog blog makes for solid gold social media – and provides an interesting insight into another side of our new Prime Minister’s personality.

Why not have a read of it for yourself?

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