Save time and money with these cleaning tricks

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Whether you confront cleaning and household chores gradually each day, or attack them all at once, these cleaning tips will help you save time and money.

White vinegar

At YourLifeChoices we are big fans of white vinegar. It can be used to remove mould from surfaces, eliminate odours, make glasses sparkle and clean stubborn stains. Make cleaning easy by soaking burnt pan bottoms and exhaust filters in white vinegar.

Use a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda to clean the bottom of your shower and bathtub, the grime will come away with ease.

Remove dust from vents

To remove dust from an air conditioner or vent, wrap a damp cloth or paper towel around a butterknife blade and running it along the inside of each vent.

Alternatively, lay a towel down below a kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan, and blow canned air up into it. This will cause the lint to dislodge and fall down to the ground.

Onions can clean your barbecue

Barbecues are great but cleaning the grill can seem like such an arduous task that it may feel too laborious. However, if you put your wire bristle brush to the side, and instead smear the cut face of half an onion over the hot grill using a long fork or tongs, you’ll find that the grime cleans away with ease. Alternatively, you can use half a lemon on a hot grill rather than an onion. 

Stainless steel  

If you’re cleaning up any stainless steel appliances, pots or pans, clean off any grime using a cloth dipped in olive oil and rubbed it in circular motions over the surface.

For non-kitchen appliances – such as those found in the shed – apply furniture polish to the surface after cleaning to make them sparkle.

Lemon and salt

When we think of toxic cleaning products, bleach is one of the first to come to mind. Use it sparingly in your bathroom and toilet but avoid using it in the kitchen. Rather than using harmful chemicals, you can scrub your taps with half a lemon to make them clean and shiny.

To clean your chopping board, generously sprinkle salt over the board and rub it down with the cut face of half a lemon. Both lemon and salt have antibacterial properties and the texture of the salt will help to rub away any remaining food.

Use a lint brush to dust tricky surfaces

Dusting can be an arduous cleaning task. While hard surfaces such as table tops and window sills can be tackled with a damp cloth, other materials such as the backs of fabric chairs or lamp shades can be more difficult. Use a lint roller or lint brush to easily remove dust from these surfaces.

A vodka on the rugs

Vodka, rubbing alcohol and even white wine can be used to remove stains from carpets. Begin by blotting the stain with water, then pour your selected alcohol over it. Greg Shepard, owner of housecleaning service Dallas Maids, said, “This is better than any over the counter product.”

Use a caddy

Caddies are affordable and help to keep all your supplies in one, accessible place. Not only are they easier to locate, but they’re easier to carry around the house with you, making cleaning a less daunting chore.

What cleaning tips would you share with other readers? Do you embrace or avoid using chemicals when you clean your home? Let us know in the comments section below.

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