Service success is in the details

Since their beginnings in 1989, Mareena Purslowe & Associates has brought a new aesthetic and a new style to funeral services, both of which have been warmly received by the families they serve. Providing exceptional care, compassion, empathy and support, Mareena Puslowe & Associates has shown us all that a funeral can provide personal as well as personalised healing, following the loss of a loved one.

Yet there is much more to a funeral service than just being there for those experiencing grief, whether visibly or unobtrusively being by the side of the family when they really need support – there is also getting the service right and adhering to the choices made at the time of funeral arrangements.

Whether it is for a prepaid funeral, or a funeral arranged at the time of need, Mareena Purslowe & Associates has made a trademark out of its complete fidelity to the funeral wishes expressed at the time of arrangement.

There are many ways to personalise a funeral or a prepaid funeral, and Mareena Purslowe & Associates has found innovative ways to include almost every conceivable request into the services they have helped families arrange. This includes requests for funeral guests to wear a particular symbol or colour, for special music, videos or photos to be included in the service, arranging for a guard of honour to be present, or even finding ways for children and grandchildren to be involved in the service; Mareena Purslowe & Associates has helped create funeral services of tribute – services that recognise the sadness of a loved one’s passing while also celebrating all of the good times that have been shared.

When you make funeral or prepaid funeral arrangements with Mareena Purslowe & Associates you can rest assured that their team of female funeral directors will strive to ensure the funeral service runs to your exact specifications. This is why, 26 years after their inception, Mareena Purslowe & Associates is still Australia’s fastest growing funeral services provider.

If you are seeking the peace of mind and security of getting all of your affairs in order with a prepaid funeral, or need the comfort, guidance and care of Mareena Purslowe & Associates for a funeral that is needed now, then know that when you call them on 08 9388 1623, your wishes and your care will be their highest priorities.

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