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Seven time-saving hair tips – from shampooing to styling

In an ideal world, every day would be a good hair day. We’d roll out of bed, run a brush through our shiny, squeaky clean locks and skip out the door, looking and feeling fantastic.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot more than a quick comb for most of us to get our tresses to behave – but who really has time for a lengthy styling session?

According to research from Attest, 45 per cent of respondents said they spend no more than 15 minutes a day on their beauty routine (that includes skincare, make-up and hair care), with 31 per cent reporting they devote up to half an hour to grooming.

Here, pros share seven clever time-saving hair tips.

1. Don’t wash your hair too often

woman brushing her hair in front of the mirror

“Overwashing hair is a huge time waster, and it dries out the hair,” says hairdresser Jonathan Van Ness, who uses the analogy of washing a T-shirt every day versus every week. “This principle also applies to our hair – the more you wash and dry it, the more likely you are to see problems.”

Mr Van Ness advises: “If you’re not getting your hair super dirty, such as people who work in very germ-infested environments, then most people should wash their hair between one and three times a week.”

And keep it short and sweet when you do shampoo: “You don’t want your showers to be the hottest in the whole world or the longest in the whole world – that’s even more true if you have bleach, all-over colour, a head full of extensions, or wigs.”

2. Refresh your roots

One way to avoid overwashing your hair? Dry shampoo is an amazing quick fix, and today’s formulas have come a long way from the chalky, powdery products of the past.

When using dry shampoo, pump the spray and apply to the roots and along the parting. Refrain from spraying too close to the roots – spray further away.

3. Comb before your wash

woman brushing her hair in front of the mirror

A little bit of prep before washing can save time later, says Belle Cannan, founder of Salon Sloan. “Always detangle your hair before shampooing, as it’s harder and riskier to get knots out when the hair is wet,” she advises.

A wide-tooth comb is safe to use while washing, she adds. “Always comb the conditioner through – again detangling the hair this way is easier, and keeps your hair healthy and shiny. After hair is towel dried it’s more fragile and weak, so avoid detangling then, as it’s more prone to breakage.”

4. Wash your fringe only

Another time-saving hair care tip to avoid overwashing is to only wash the front section of your hair.

“If you have a fringe, this method is perfect for you,” says Nick Willis, master stylist at Charles Worthington Salons. “Use a gentle cleansing shampoo, so you’re not weighing down your fringe. You’ll only be spending a fraction of time on your hair care, yet you’ll feel well-groomed and clean!”

5. Create overnight waves

Woman braiding her hair

Cut down on styling time in the morning by sleeping with your long hair in plaits, to create soft waves.

“You can achieve a loose wave if you do a loose braid,” says celebrity stylist Halley Brisker.

“The key is loose – the tighter and more braids you do, the more of a crinkle effect you get. Section your hair into two or three sections and run a loose braid through your hair in the evening, spray in a bit of texture product, and it will feel refreshed in the morning.”

6. Twirl your curls

Beautiful Beauty GIF by Sephora - Find & Share on GIPHY

For tousled waves that don’t require blow-drying or a curling wand, try the ‘twist and twirl’ approach.

“Brush out any knots or tangles, then evenly spray salt spray over your hair,” Mr Willis recommends.

“Use a ‘twist and twirl’ method by wrapping sections of your hair around your finger and twirling the hair so it forms a loose curl. Repeat this throughout the hair, and hand scrunch areas for extra tousled volume. Leave your hair to naturally dry and voila, instantly tousled, beachy hair!”

7. Try an easy updo

“For a quick and easy transition from day to night, I suggest a nice updo which takes a matter of 30 seconds,” says Ms Brisker.

“Take the hair and section off two nice strips at the front to frame the face. Pull [the rest of] your hair back into a ponytail, and then twist it round as if you are doing a French twist.

“Use a claw clip – which is on trend at the moment – to secure your hair at the back of your head, then with a few bobby pins, pin hair at the back of your head, leaving strands out in the front to frame your face.”

How do you save time on your hair? Why not share your tips in the comments section below?

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