The future’s looking faster

In a move that will make power walkers all over the world rejoice, the UK has just opened the first fast walking lanes.

As a fast walker myself, I was ecstatic to see the news, so much so that I could barely believe my eyes. Thankfully on further inspection, it is indeed true.

Implemented in Liverpool, if you don’t like to mess around when it comes to walking, you can use the dedicated lanes for pedestrians in a hurry. Marked out with red lines and labelled ‘Fast Track’, no longer will you be stuck trying to dodge dawdlers in front of you with no spatial awareness.

The lanes are being trialled in Liverpool on the city’s bustling St John’s Street near the frenetic Liverpool One shopping centre. The move comes following research from high street store Argos found 47 per cent of people in the UK find slow walking the most annoying aspect of high street shopping.  A number that I’m surprised isn’t higher.

The introduction of the innovative lanes comes just in time for Christmas shopping season. Should the ingenious additions to the pavement prove as successful as expected, they’ll most likely stick around for even longer and perhaps (fingers crossed) become permanent.

An idea I’m surprised has taken so long to put into practice, my fellow fast walkers, we can only pray that the lanes will spread like wildfire and grace our own city streets sooner rather than later.

Why not watch this video of Liverpool’s fast walking lanes and tell us your thoughts. Would you like to see fast walking lanes in your city?



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