Things you’ll only know if you’re a cat person

Cats or dogs? Whether you’re a pet owner or not, that question is rarely met with indifference, but would you say your animal adoration goes so far as to label you a ‘cat person’?

Here are some things you’ll only know if you’re obsessed with felines.

1. Cat cuddles are the best

Cat lovers know how relaxing felines can be. Sleeping for most of the day, just watching their ears gently twitch and their bellies rise and fall can put us into a trance. A cat’s purr is known to relax humans and is even believed to have a healing effect as it’s a great stress reliever. If you slow your breath down to match your kitty’s purrs and meditate together, you’re truly a cat person.

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2. You know you can’t try too hard with a cat
Getting to the stage where a kitty will voluntarily curl up on your lap can take a while, especially when you’re dealing with a particularly standoffish pet.

But remember, when cats choose to spend time with you, they’ve literally dropped everything else on their daily patrol, just to be with you. Now, that’s a sign of true love.

3. You’ve reconsidered your place in the household hierarchy
The often-repeated phrase “dogs have owners, cats have staff” has truth to it.

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4. You’ve cat-proofed your home
You understand that nothing on a table is safe from curious paws that need to test the law of gravity. This is why every surface in your home is pretty bare, and your glasses and precious breakable items are carefully hidden or secured in some way, so they don’t end up as casualties.

5. You tell your cat about your day
No-one’s home, but you’re perfectly content recounting all the ups and downs of your days to your loyal good listener, who happens to have a tail and whiskers. Cat people understand that this is an extremely important part of the day, for both you and your cat.

6. You follow a lot of famous cats on social media

From Lil Bub and Pudge to Grumpy Cat (gone but not forgotten), you follow all the most famous felines online.

7. You get tons of cat-themed presents
Your friends and family are well aware of your obsession and they take every opportunity to gift you with kitty-themed paraphernalia.

Kitten Cat Tree GIF by JustViral - Find & Share on GIPHY

8. You know you can’t move if they’ve chosen to sleep on you
You don’t dare disturb your purring friend. Because then they might not get their full 16 hours of sleep, and you don’t want that kind of guilt on your hands.

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9. You must slow blink back at them
The partially closed eyes facial expression that you know and love always gives you a warm feeling inside.

It’s similar to how human eyes narrow when smiling, and usually occurs when the cat is relaxed and content. The expression is interpreted as a kind of cat smile.

Are you a cat person? Share your favourite thing about cats in the comments section below.

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