Viral decluttering tips that will transform your home

From kitchen cupboards crammed with condiments well past their use-by date, to bathroom cabinets overflowing with half-empty toiletries, it’s so easy for clutter to pile up all over your home.

In an ideal world, we’d wave a magic wand and watch the mess disappear – but sadly that option isn’t available.

No matter though, because TikTok is here to help. The organisational gurus on the video sharing site are decluttering masters, and have all the tips and tricks you need to you get your house in order.

Here are six TikTok decluttering hacks that will help tackle everything from junk drawers to walk-in wardrobes.

1. Start small


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A post shared by Caroline Solomon (@carolinesolomon.home)

It may be tempting to set aside an entire weekend with the aim of decluttering your home from top to bottom. As admirable as this sounds though, chances are you’ll only get bored, frustrated, overwhelmed (or all three) in a matter of hours – and abandon the entire project.

So start small. For example, pick one drawer that’s overflowing with junk. Empty everything out, ditch the broken/useless items, set aside things that can be taken to a charity shop or sold, clean the drawer and then restock it neatly. Tackle one small job at a time, move on to your next area, and progress will soon take shape.

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2. Trays save the day


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A post shared by Jessica/Organizing Expert (@organizedmamas)

Organisation gurus are obsessed with trays, and for good reason.

An amazing hack for anywhere in the house, trays help to keep groups of items together – either neatly on a surface or tucked into a drawer – whether it’s kitchen utensils, condiments, keys, toiletries, jewellery, or those random bits and bobs that defy definition.

3. Storage turntables


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A post shared by Jen | Organizing Tips & Decor (@thesimplysorted)

While trays are especially great for tidying up surfaces, for inside cupboards, turntables (aka lazy Susans) keep things organised and accessible.

Try them in your kitchen cupboards for things such as dried herbs, sauce bottles or baking ingredients.

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4. Keep, ditch, donate


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A post shared by Dawn | Home Organizer (@declutterizewithdawn)

When overhauling a messy wardrobe or storage space, take everything out and divide it into three piles: what you want to keep, what can be donated (to other people or to charity) and want can be thrown away (or recycled – so check for fabric and clothes recycling points in your area).

Be really honest with yourself about things such as clothes you never wear anymore or that don’t fit, and gadgets you never use.

5. Trial living with less


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A post shared by Flora Sage (@florasageofficial)

When you know you need to get rid of clutter, you might find yourself unable to part with some things, convincing yourself ‘I might need it one day!’

To find out whether that’s really true, try putting those items in a box, labelling it with the date and revisiting it in one, three or even six months (if you’re really decluttering-averse). If you haven’t needed said items in that time, they’ve got to go.

This can be particularly useful for cutting down on kitchen clutter such as surplus Tupperware containers, mugs, utensils and water bottles.

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6. Let pre-loved items go


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A post shared by Renee Benes (@renee.benes)

Another great tip for people who struggle to part with sentimental items is to think about the joy they’re going to bring others if you give them away.

By donating useful things such as clothes or attractive antiques, you’re giving them a new lease of life, allowing them to ‘spark joy’ (to borrow Marie Kondo’s popular phrase) in others, and helping prevent waste too.

Do you need to declutter? Where are you going to start? Let us know in the comments section below.

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