Transform your empty nest

You thought the moment would never come, but your youngest just finished university, found a job and has moved out. You have a newly vacant bedroom (or bedrooms) and you’re eager to transform your surroundings.

Whether you’re downsizing or just hoping to reinvent a few spaces in the family home, these tips can give you the inspiration you need to kickstart the possibly daunting task of renovating and re-organising.

And the best part? These updates will hardly make a dent in your wallet. There’s no excuse, so just get on with the task.

Get rid of clutter
Find a home for those pesky tools and keepsakes that you can’t throw out, those boxes that continue to pile up, the kids’ bikes that they haven’t yet taken with them. If you’ve got outside space, you can create a new room for storage with an outside shed. It can also double as an exercise or yoga studio. Save money by buying directly from an Australian manufacturer, such as EasyShed, which provides custom-built sheds made specifically for Aussie weather.

Quirky pots
A fun and easy way to spice up any room or outside area on a budget is with creative DIY plant pots. Refurbish an old coffee jar, repurpose fruit crates or paint some recycled pots for a pop of colour. If you’re not the DIY type, you’ll find hundreds of unique and trendy planters at amazing prices at It’s amazing what the addition of a few plants can do to the look and feel of any room. Transform your empty nest into a vibrant home of flowers and greenery.

Personalised wall stickers
What about that newly vacant bedroom? Have you had your mind set on recreating the space into a new office space or lounge? A fabulous way to redecorate in a meaningful way is with the use of photo stickers. Easy to make and easier to decorate a room with, TinyMe has a wide range of custom print photo stickers that are sure to keep your memories alive and add that finishing touch to any room. Plus, these stickers are Australian made. Now you can have a new space of your own covered in wonderful family memories and stylish patterns, without it just being a storage facility for your kids.

Organise your bathroom
It seems like you can’t ever get enough storage space to create that minimalist, showroom-style bathroom. However, there are countless nifty tricks to make this dream a reality. You can recycle an old wine rack to hang and store towels or reuse a hanging shoe organiser for all your shower necessities.

Create a new hobby space
Do you (finally) have a lot more free time on your hands? Are there a few hobbies that you’ve always wanted to take up? With the extra time and space, why not renovate a room into a craft studio, or transform a workshop from EasyShed into a hobby escape? While you’re at it, there’s no better place than ClassBento, an online marketplace for craft classes, to try out new skills that can lead to a new hobby and also help you renovate the home. With classes from candle-making to art and flower arranging, you’ll be a master of your craft in no time, ready to re-invent every corner of the house.

And with all that newfound time, you could also …

Deep clean your car
If you’re eager to clean a car that one of the kids had taken hostage, there are some great hacks that do wonders and will leave you feeling like you’ve just bought a new car – for just a few dollars. For example, clean your scuffed headlights with baking soda toothpaste. And for that animal hair that always seems to linger, a squeegee and spray bottle will do the trick.

Protect the value of your car
Once you’ve cleaned your car, or if you want to protect a new vehicle from the anticipated food spills from grandchildren, pet hair and a plethora of potential damages, then custom-made car mats or floor liners are exactly what you need. FitMyCar has got you covered for bespoke, Aussie-manufactured car accessories for up to 51 per cent cheaper than what you would pay at a dealership. So, not only do you save money, but you can also protect your car from damage and help maintain its value.

With these tips and tricks, you can transform your empty nest into a new hobby space and put your new skills to use in creating a stylish home adorned with family photos and plants, a good-as-new vehicle and plenty of storage space. Now go transform your home and enjoy your newly found time!

Mike Wilson is a founder of TinyMe, along with two other dads. They have 15 young children between them but have found the time to develop a range of personalised products for kids.

What tips do you have to transform your home after all the kids have finally left? Did you love having the extra space?

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