Vincent ain’t no saint

Bill Murray is possibly one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, turning his hand to everything from satire and activism, to straightforward comedy and big-budget blockbusters. In his latest movie, St. Vincent, his character forces audiences to see the story behind the man and hopefully makes them think twice about judging a book by its cover.

Initial reactions to Vincent are that he’s a drunken bumbling fool, to be pitied or laughed at, and even avoided at all costs. But behind his dishevelled appearance is a man who knows right from wrong, even if he doesn’t always choose the most-righteous path, and who cares deeply for his wife who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

When new neighbours move in next door, Vincent initially sees an opportunity to make some much needed cash by exploiting single mum Maggie’s (Melissa McCarthy) need for a babysitter for her 12-year-old son Oliver after school. But as is often the case, we soon see that Vincent does indeed have a softer side and that he can learn as much from Oliver as Oliver can from him.

Naomi Watts makes and appearance as Daka, a pregnant Russian prostitute who, despite charging him for sex, has a soft spot for Vincent, and vice versa. The interaction between the two is a little stilted and Watts hams it up a little too much for this poignant tale.

As Oscar season beckons, cinemas are full of ‘must-see’ movies, but St.Vincent is definitely worth catching if you can.

Watch the trailer below

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