Want to live to 117?

Want to know the secret to a long life? Well, perhaps Emma Morano has the answer. At 117, the world’s longest living woman swears by a daily constitutional of two eggs a day, sometimes three. She also prefers her eggs raw!

Born in Italy in November 1899 – with her very own Wikipedia entry – Emma can claim to have lived during three centuries. But life has not always been easy for her. Survivor of an unhappy marriage, she left her violent husband in 1938, supporting herself by working first in a factory and then in a school kitchen. She also lost a baby son when he was only six months old.

Surprisingly, given all the evidence to the contrary, it would seem an unbalanced diet has done Emma no harm. She is also partial to a little raw meat, fresh Italian pasta and homemade brandy, but her doctor puts her longevity down simply to her genetic make-up – one of her sisters lived to 102!

Presented with a cake to celebrate her birthday Morano was happy to blow out the candles, but said, “I hope I don’t have to cut it!”

Would you want to live beyond 100? What are your secrets to a healthy life?

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