Overheard or ear-wigging?

The juiciest pieces of conversation are often those overheard on buses, trains, offices or restaurants and are one of life’s enjoyable guilty pleasures.

Overheard: Conversations from the buses, boardrooms and bars of Britain, opens up a world of chat that may have otherwise passed you by. You may think you’ve heard it all before but think again with. This hilarious collection of conversations from around Britain, overheard at tourist hotspots, in queues, at work and on public transport is packed full of verbal wit and gags and is guaranteed to get people talking and remember the stupid things that they have overheard. Microcosm – A tired looking mother stands hands on hips in the play park watching her two young children tumble in the dirt. MOTHER: (shouting) Jordan! Syria! Play nice!

Mark Love is a freelance writer, working on TV projects. His wife and co-author, Jacqui Saunders is a lecturer in art. From their marital home in Befordshire that they share with their two children, they have put together this collection of witticisms that are often heard but seldom remembered.

Easy to read but difficult to put down, Overheard is a great way to spend an hour or two. Look out for some of our favourite “overhears” from this collection, which YOURLifeChoices will feature over the coming weeks, or purchase via our online bookshop and enjoy these everyday tales for yourself.

Next time you’re at the bus stop, be aware of who may be listening in!

For your chance to win a copy of Overheard, simply {encode=”” title=”share with the team”} at YOURLifeChoices your own snippet of conversation which made you laugh, cry or simply shake your head in disbelief.

Mark Love & Jacqui Saunders

Harper Collins

RRP: $19.99

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