Stylewatch: Five wardrobe staples for work

This week’s Stylewatch highlights five staples that will make your wardrobe work harder.

I’m going to take a wild guess and assume I am not the only member of the female population who finds dressing for work somewhat stressful. In fact, I would go so far as to say the main reason I ever run late in the mornings is because I can’t decide on my outfit. The mornings I make it out the door on time, or even early, are often because I knew exactly what I was going to wear.

Having said that, one way to make getting dressed for work easier is to have a strong foundation of items to choose from. The following five staples are must-haves for any successful working wardrobe.

Classic white tee
While a white shirt can do wonders for an office outfit, a t-shirt is even more versatile and, works for smart casual workplaces. Forget any bells and whistles and keep this as clean-cut and classic as possible, opting for a round neck and sleeves of a standard length. To avoid ending up with sweat or makeup stains, make sure you avoid anything too fitted, size wise. A classic white tee is perfect tucked into a skirt or under a blazer. Bonus points for a statement necklace to snaz up the whole outfit.

Knit skirt
Last year I purchased a black knit, high-waisted, A-line skirt from Zara, hoping it would make my life easier. A year later, I can safely say the purchase was a success, without a week passing by in which I have not worn it. An A-line, knit skirt is smart enough that you will always look polished for work, with the added benefit of being able to transition effortlessly to evening attire.

Equal parts cool and classic, a pair of loafers is a ‘no-brainer’ for work footwear. They can be worn with everything from jeans and pants, to skirts and dresses and will elevate the most casual of outfits. For a more Italian vibe, choose a style in suede. If you are after something more corporate, a patent-leather pair with tassels or a buckle should do the job.

Black jeans
Although it may be controversial, I am calling black jeans over black trousers as the must-have in this instance. With workwear becoming more casual, jeans are the more versatile choice. The fact they are slightly less dressy works to their advantage, allowing them to be paired with a shirt, blazer, silk top or heels without looking over the top or corporate. Comfort is added bonus.

Black blazer
I doubt I’ll get any disputes over this one. When it comes to work attire you really can’t go past a black blazer. The perfect piece to dress up jeans, a black blazer can be worn over anything and will immediately raise the whole tone of your outfit. This is one item that definitely means business.

What is your go to work outfit for those mornings where it all seems like a bit much?



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    2nd Sep 2016
    What work?
    2nd Sep 2016
    What about ideas for MEn
    2nd Sep 2016
    Blue singlet, Stubbies, and thongs - real class!
    2nd Sep 2016
    No, seriously Eddie, I'm just about to embark upon a 14 day overseas trip that will include a conference, a film festival, a Broadway show and several important business meetings and it would really be useful to get some insights on how to pack for all of these and yet still coming in within a 23kg luggage limit and avoid expensive hotel laundry charges.
    3rd Sep 2016
    First check with concierge about a local laundromat or via internet.
    NY has a heap.The chinese laundries do your laundry for you quite cheaply eg $20 a load. You may not need it for only 2 weeks as Shirts dry fast in the room and there will be an iron and board available .

    If in financial industry you'll need a suit, shirt, tie, black shoes.

    Macy's have sales now so buy there. Buy a good pair of leather loafers. Can't beat American styling. Wear nice sneakers on the plane.

    If IT, Film etc then black jeans, white T shirt, black coat works .

    Add blue jeans and a white or taupe sports jacket, black T shirt.

    Best quality you can afford.

    Add a third T shirt for drying in the room. Air Con dries most clothes within a day or so.

    You know how your industry works but black, white and navy always looks smart, mixes and matches well.

    I spend a bit of time in NY and it is pretty laid back unless you are in Finance.

    Don't forget your charger adaptor.

    Hope it helps and have fun. I love NY. I hope you have a classic NY moment or two. Just when you think you hate it you end up loving this city.
    2nd Sep 2016
    Why does everyone wear so much black, particularly in Melbourne?? Dingy colour, reminds me of funerals. I rarely ever wear black, except black pants with a bright top, eg turquoise. Brighten up your work life. Ok black for interviews but consider navy blue, very smart - and different. Stand out from the crowd.
    2nd Sep 2016
    Great advice. Add a long black sheath dress and a swim suit and you could go anywhere.
    2nd Sep 2016
    hehe I thought we might be getting some designer tips for the teapot shape as we age. Tea cosies perhaps.
    2nd Sep 2016
    I thought Life Choices was about simplifying our retirement. If you still work and close to retirement, who are you trying to impress!
    A better choice of article would have been "How to make your clothes last"

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