What odds! One in 250 million

Peter Leith is 89 and describes himself as ‘half-deaf and half-blind’, but he has never been one to dwell on his challenges. What odds! One in 250 million continues his Aspects of Ageing series of true short stories and observations.


I recently read that there are 250 million sperm in every ejaculation … 250 million!

What an incredible fluke that I am not one of my 249,999,999 potential sisters or brothers who were never to be.

As I get on in years and near the end of the ‘penny-section’, I cannot help wondering how my millions of once-potential siblings might have contributed more to the world than I have.

Naturally, that train of thought inevitably leads to: “What have I contributed to the world at large?”

That, in turn, leads to an urgent need for a cup of coffee and a change of thought.

Do you have such thoughts? Have they affected your sense of satisfaction with your achievements so far?


This is one of a series of short stories in a growing collection called Aspects of Ageing. Peter says the anecdotes are based on fact, and hopes his observations stimulate your thinking.

Do you have a story or an observation for Peter? Send it to [email protected] and put ‘Sunday’ in the subject line.

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