Bridget’s back and about time too

Ahh Bridget Jones, how she made us laugh in the early 2000s by making us reflect on our cringe-worthy days of singledom and heartbreak. How we cheered when we thought she had found her true love in Mark Darcy, while secretly we were delighted by her naughty dalliances with Daniel Cleaver.

Now Bridget is all grown up – well, she’s 43 – and surprisingly, still single. After giving Mark Darcy the boot for being too involved in work, she has watched her friends all get married and have children while she remains, in her own words, a spinster.

After being letdown by smug married friends on her birthday, Bridget decides it’s time to grab the bull by the horns, or the nearest man by his pants. Enter love guru, Jack (Patrick Dempsey) – he has an algorithm to predict your love match. After a bumping of uglies after too much to drink, Bridget thinks she will never see Jack again and proceeds to fall into the arms of Mark Darcy just five days later.

When she realises the biodegradable condoms that she’s had in her bag for years may not have done their job, it’s time to pee on a stick and yes, you’ve guessed it, baby makes three. Or in this case four, as she’s not sure which of her amours is the father.

Cue the brilliant Emma Thompson as Bridget’s gynaecologist – how she keeps a straight face when dealing with the farce that it’s Bridget’s life, I’ll never know.

So how does it all turn out for Bridget? Ahh, I won’t spoil it for you.

Making another movie in the Bridget Jones series could have fallen flat – how many younger moviegoers know anything about Bridget and her complicated love-life? However, the laughs are there, the old characters are back and even Daniel Cleaver makes a brief ‘appearance’. For the trip down memory lane accompanied by excellent music, Bridget Jones’s Baby is well worth the cinema ticket price.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart

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