Common medicines drop in price

More than 400 medicines, which include some of the most-commonly prescribed, have dropped in price, potentially saving you up to $20 each time you pick up your prescription from the pharmacy.

The savings have been made possible thanks to last year’s passing by Federal Parliament of the Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme changes. Included in this legislation was an agreement of cut production costs of some of the most-commonly prescribed drugs in Australia.

The cost of medicines will reduce each year as the patent that covers the drugs expires, meaning that production costs can be cut by reflecting the actual price of the components and can be produced in generic form.

This year over 400 medicines fall into this category – four times the number of medicines that were reduced in cost this time last year – and includes treatment for leukaemia and cardiovascular disease.

The most common savings will be:

  • amlodipine with atorvastatin for high blood pressure/high cholesterol– $23.05
  • clopidogrel with aspirin for heart conditions – $21.49
  • celecoxib for osteoarthritis – $7.30
  • duloxetine for treating major depressive disorders – $2.15


If you are managing chronic conditions or taking any long-term medicines, you should consult with your GP or pharmacist before requesting a generic brand of medicine.

You can find out more about which medicines will reduce in price by visiting 

Written by Debbie McTaggart

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