Older Australians tired of being PC

Older Australians are tired of bad mannered younger Australians, saying that political correctness and their social media obsession is ruining society.

A CoreData study commissioned by the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency (ASIA) revealed that 88 per cent of the 1000 Australians over 55 surveyed think we are too politically correct. Around 86 per cent say this need to be politically correct is ruining our society and 74 per cent saying that people who always try to be politically correct are annoying.

And, in what may be the ultimate form of protest, 45 per cent of those surveyed avoided being politically correct ‘just for the sake of it’.

The Modern Australian Manners survey also found that 85 per cent of older Australians find millennial social etiquette confusing. Complaints ranged from younger people being rude to restaurant staff, constantly looking at their phones during dinner or a conversation, and generally being ‘digitally distracted’.

According to Australian seniors, the top three etiquette rules should be:

  • treat everyone as equals
  • look out for your mates
  • remain modest and down to earth.


Digital distraction and over-reliance on technology were ranked high in the top five social taboos, along with racism, smoking and swearing.

But it’s the political correctness that really frustrates seniors.

“Names we have known things by all our lives, they weren’t there out of disrespect or anything like that, it was just a name we knew things by,” Nan Bosler, President of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association, told the ABC.

“And if we have to always modify what we’re saying, it’s a little distracting, it’s a little bit frustrating.

The survey also showed that 87 per cent of older Australians think that being too politically correct is just not authentic.

“We of course do respect other people, so we understand about political correctness,” said Ms Bosler.

“But we don’t always think it’s the way we want to go – we want to be true to ourselves.”

Do you think Australia is too politically correct? Are you tired of watching everything you say? And when you do endeavour to comply with ‘PC rules’, do you feel insincere?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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