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Not many people enjoy flying long haul trips and a flight can be made significantly worse when you encounter fellow travellers on the most infuriating passenger behaviour list. The latest research out of America reveals and ranks which passenger behaviour you believe is the most infuriating.

1. The rear seat kicker
Nothing comes close to the infuriation you feel when the person behind you (generally a child under the age of 12) starts kicking your seat. You retaliate by pressing your back hard against the seat to no avail, finally, having to confront the monster’s parents head on to get the kicking to stop.

2. Inattentive parents
Whether it’s a domestic flight between Sydney and Melbourne, or a long haul flight to Los Angeles there always seems to be one child on the flight who starts running up and down the aisle making enough noise to wake the entire plane. Resist the urge to trip the child; instead, politely ask the flight crew to intervene.

3. Smelly Sam
We have all at one time encountered the traveller who smells as if they have just completed a 15-kilometre run. This passenger is high up on the list due to your lack of ability to fix the encountered issue. Spend as much time away from your seat as possible talking to the flight crew or in the lavatories.

4. Disco Debbie
Flying is the perfect time to get started on a new book, but the peace and quiet can be interrupted by swear words and loud beats emanating from the headphones of the person sitting next to you. A tap on the shoulder to lower the volume can often yield positive results. Cutting the headphone cord with a pair of scissors is not recommended.

5. Boozy Ben
Did you imagine that sitting a row behind the bulkhead seats would have you in a quiet and respectable area of the plane? Think again! Ben and his mates are attempting to break David Boon’s record of 52 cans of beer on the way to the England 1989 Ashes. Your only hope for a peaceful trip is to get these passengers cut off early in the flight or thrown off the plane!

Other passenger behaviours that made the list include Chatty Cathy, Seat-back guy, the armrest hog and let’s not forget the passenger who booked a window seat, yet needs to go to the toilet every hour on the dot.

What is the one habit of flying passengers that infuriates you?

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