Seniors Card discount eGuide

The YourLifeChoices Ultimate Seniors Card Discount Guide is packed full of  money saving tips.

Inside this eBook you’ll find Australia-wide, exclusive deals to get you saving NOW. If you’re a senior, you’ve paid your dues. You worked for years, you followed the rules, and now it’s time to collect some hard-earned discounts. And trust us, there are plenty of valuable discounts out there for you. The trick is, you have to know about them, and you have to ask for them.

We have also answered the frequently asked questions regarding seniors cards, including how to apply, what to do if you lose your card and who to inform of any changes to your personal details.

For almost 20 years, YourLifeChoices has been providing vital information to Aussies who are in and approaching retirement. Regardless of what your retirement looks like, we’re here to help you make the most of it. We have also put together some information on government concessions you may be eligible for, and the transport deals you receive in each state.

Download the 2020 Ultimate Seniors Card Discount Guide

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YourLifeChoices' team of writers specialise in content that helps Australian over-50s make better decisions about wealth, health, travel and life. It's all in the name. For 22 years, we've been helping older Australians live their best lives.

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