Australia's failing internet speeds

The latest quarterly Akamai State of the Internet report has Australia ranked outside the top 50, with Kenya and Thailand enjoying higher internet speeds.

Since the end of 2015, Australia’s average home broadband speeds have actually increased from 9.6Mbps to 10.1MBps. Despite these improvements, Australia has dropped to 51st on the list with countries such as Thailand, Kenya, and even Estonia beating Australia for fast internet speeds.

Top 10 countries
1. South Korea: 26.1Mbps
2. Norway: 23.6Mbps
3. Sweden: 22.817.3Mbps
4. Hong Kong: 21.9Mbps
5. Switzerland: 21.23Mbps
6. Denmark: 20.7Mbps
7. Finland 20.6Mbps
8. Singapore: 20.2Mbps
9. Japan: 19.6Mbps
10. Netherlands: 17.6Mbps

It’s not all bad news, as Australia leads the Asia-Pacific region in mobile connectivity, with a mobile connection speed of 13.8Mbps – well ahead of the North American leader, Canada, which has just 10.3Mbps connection speeds.

The NBN rollout is expected to take our nation closer to the 25Mbps connection speed and, when the rollout is completed in the coming years, we can expect Australia’s ranking to improve significantly.

What do you think? Does this report show that we aren’t moving fast enough on the NBN project? Or are the results more rosy than they appear due to our vast rural population?

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