Claiming a New Zealand pension

Toni has been told he can’t receive an Age Pension because of his income, but wonders if he can claim New Zealand Super as it isn’t means tested.

Q. Toni
I have just turned 65 and I moved to Australia from New Zealand 10 years ago. I applied in Australia for the Age Pension and was told my income is too high. However, as the New Zealand pension is not means tested, I think I should be entitled to receive it. Do I need to apply in New Zealand for this pension?

A. As Australia has an International Social Security Agreement with New Zealand, the International Services section of Centrelink can help you make your claim for a New Zealand pension.

However, as you rightly state, Australian Age Pensions are means tested and if you have been told that your Australian Age Pension payment would be nil because of your income and assets, then you will not be able to receive New Zealand Super (pension).

If your income or assets change and you believe that you would be entitled to an Age Pension, you can reapply. You may also find it useful to talk to someone from Centrelink’s International Services on 131 673 and you might find the following document helpful – Social Security Agreement between Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand Work and Income also has some handy information.

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