A little puffiness in its proper place

You won’t mind being called plump if you have this cosmetic jab

Give your cheeky bits a revamp

Remember a few years ago when Scientific American reported on lab-grown artificial vaginas being implanted in four teenage girls?

Well, the good news is that women who want to spruce up their cheeky bits do not have to go to those lengths.

Sure, some women might be willing to pay $9000 for a complete overhaul of their plumbing, as reported by the Daily Mail, but for considerably less pain and money, there is another solution – labia puffing.

As with most parts of the body, as women age, the exterior of their vaginas lose some ‘tone’. Labia puffing is designed to restore youthful plumpness by injecting a woman’s own fat or dermal fillers into the parts.

If they choose to use their own fat, it is extracted from another part of the body using liposuction. The procedure involving dermal fillers does not involve surgery and it takes about half an hour to perform.

According to a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the dermal fillers, which are made from hyaluronic acid, have “virtually no complications” associated with them, and treatment can be repeated or even reversed.

“Infiltration of the labia majora is able to provide a significant rejuvenation with a simple outpatient procedure. We achieved significant improvements with one infiltration in all cases,” the scientists said.

The claim that this type of cosmetic procedure comes without complications is in dispute, however, with at least one British doctor warning that the dermal jab can lead to nerve paralysis, bleeding and loss of sensation in some women.

Would you ever consider having labial puffing treatment? Would you ever suggest that your partner undergo the treatment?


    Health Disclaimer: This article contains general information about health issues and is not advice. For health advice, consult your medical practitioner.


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    5th Jun 2018
    Huh???? but why????? really????
    5th Jun 2018
    Ha ha ha. Exactly. How many over 60 sex workers and porn stars there are?
    5th Jun 2018
    Gives new meaning to the expression 'fat cat' (if you catch my meaning).
    5th Jun 2018
    First, breast research and now pussy research. Donations please, we need to research dick-heads!
    5th Jun 2018
    You don't need to research dickheads, anyone crass enough to publish this article today surely meets that criteria.
    5th Jun 2018
    Chef's Special on today's Medical Menu: Puffed Pussy. Yours for only $9,000.
    5th Jun 2018
    Can't see the point meself!
    5th Jun 2018
    OMG! Why can't they leave us alone! This is just another money-making venture on the part of greedy cosmetic surgeons. No! No! No! It's bad enough seeing the exaggerated bums on the likes of the dreadful Kim Kardashian and Niki Minaj without convincing women they need to go to this extent.
    5th Jun 2018
    5th Jun 2018
    For heavens’ sake. Ageing is a normal part of growing old and loss of labial tissues, wrinkles, and saggy baggy bits are normal. I couldn’t see all these bits and pieces without my reading glasses. Redesigning young women’s labia, clitoris’ etc a very lucrative business for some unethical clinicians. Then we have beauticians creating ‘vagazzles’ - glitter, studs, pearls and rings, tattoos, Brazilians etc. At least this article isn’t suggesting we do this. I’d prefer to pay for upgrading my dodgy hips (without a replacement) or my bunions.
    5th Jun 2018
    Your post reminds me of an anecdote by the oldest living person at the time, a French lady. Apparently her skin was as smooth as a baby's bottom. Her interviewer exclaimed "You're 125 and you have no wrinkles!". Her response: "I have one - and I'm sitting on it".
    5th Jun 2018
    5th Jun 2018
    Whilst I found the comments hysterically funny, there is a sad side to this. The reason there is such a call for female cosmetic procedures is because of pornography. Young men watch this filth from the age of 10 these days and because female genitalia is 'perfect' in pornographic films,they come to expect all female genitalia to be 'perfect' also. When they start to become sexually active, and read into this, acting out all the disgusting things they have learned from watching pornography for years, they are horrified to find that most young girls' genitalia is far from perfect, and this is then pointed out to their hapless sex partner, frequently with devastating results. Some young girls have taken their own lives after being told they are malformed and therefore found to be sexually unattractive as a result. It also results in other young women seeking out cosmetic procedures to make themselves 'perfect'. Friends, we were fortunate. We lived in a time when a bloke was just happy to get his leg over and had no idea what perfect genitalia was and didn't care. Young men these days get what they want from a very early age and stupid girls just let them. Of course not all, but many, see their Dad's watching porn and treating their Mum with less than respect and they grow up to be less than respectful. I know families where young men consider all young women fair game and existing for their use. As an oldie I think of how women fought for equality and whilst lip service may be paid to equality in the workforce (but not on the pay scale), there is no equality socially as long as young men treat young women in this way.
    6th Jun 2018
    Well said Only Daughter, we were indeed fortunate.
    6th Jun 2018
    Well said OnlyDaughter. When I first thought of writing this I thought it would be funny. By the time I finished researching and writing I felt dreadful. There is so much pressure on women to be spruced up. I hope fellows understand how lucky they are not to have to suffer the same scrutiny of their 'less than perfect' anatomy.

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