Government’s $15m elder abuse plan

The Turnbull Government has pledged $15 million towards protecting the rights of older Australians and safeguarding them from elder abuse.

Senator George Brandis used International Day of Older Persons, which was yesterday, to announce the Government’s $15 million election promise.

The plan includes a new peak body and the development of an online resource aimed at raising awareness and providing training materials to help older Australians from the often unspoken issues facing them today, including elder abuse and other forms of ageism.

“The abuse of older Australians can take many forms, including financial, physical, emotional and sexual,” said Senator Brandis.

“For far too long, older Australians have had these actions diminish their ability to enjoy their lives with dignity and this has too often occurred in silence.”

A seniors’ advocacy group is also calling on the government to make greater use of older Australians to help lift economic growth, reduce health care costs and improve social well-being.

Labor also spoke out about the invaluable role older people play in society, but is worried that many could be living better.

“The ability of our ageing population to participate, contribute and thrive in Australia is largely dependent on health,” said Opposition Ageing Spokeswomen Julie Collins and Helen Polley.

“Access to high-quality care and support when and where older people need it is critical to making longer lives also better lives.”

How will this election pledge help you? What requests would you make of either Party to protect your rights and prevent ageism?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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