Budget home security: feel safer and more secure on a budget

Secure your house for a fraction of the price with these tips and tricks.

A budget fake security camera is an inexpensive way to deter thieves

While nothing replaces a working security system, these tips can help to reduce your chances of being a victim to burglary, without breaking the bank.

Install fake security system signs and cameras
While they won’t provide you with the peace of mind that a real alarm system brings, fake security cameras or decals will reduce the chances of any desperate burglars breaking in to your home. If they’re looking for somewhere to break in to without any planning, a small sign or sticker stating that you have a security system installed might be all it takes to dissuade them. Just make sure you don’t display a sign for a fake security company as most burglars will have a smartphone and can easily use the internet to find out if the company is real.

Affordable surveillance
Comprehensive security systems can cost a fortune, but there are cheaper options for securing your home, such as using your old smartphone as a security camera, or installing an IP security camera, which securely broadcasts security footage that you can watch remotely on your smartphone or tablet.

Monitor your mail while you’re away
An overflowing mailbox is a dead giveaway for an unattended home. If possible, ask a friend or family member to collect your mail daily, or ask the post office to hold your mail. Australia Post will hold your mail for $23.05 for the first week and $7.80 for each additional week. There is a concession rate available to pensioners, veterans or seniors card holders of $13.80 for the first week then $4.65 for additional weeks. See Australia Post for more information. If you get a lot of junk mail, a simple No Junk Mail sign will lighten your mailbox and make it stand out less.

Light timers or gadgets
By turning lights on and off at certain times this simple tool can ensure your home looks occupied when its not. There are also gadgets which replicate the light of a TV, without the expense of running your TV all night.

Do you have any tips for other readers for budget home security?



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    5th Apr 2017
    I have built security camera's using cheap car dashcam camera's and motion detectors which work extremely well. All up $60 for a HD recording on a 32gB card.
    5th Apr 2017
    How? You would need a 12 volt supply.
    5th Apr 2017
    I have recently had security doors and a monitored alarm system, including a monitored smoke detector, installed. The cost was a few thousand all up and $60 per month monitoring fee. Way I looked at it was the $60 per month was what it would cost me to feed a companion/guard dog and I would have no ongoing vet costs or kennelling costs if/when we go away on holiday. I need the smoke alarm as my elderly mother-in-law lives with us and we want some protection for her when we are not at home.
    Although cameras seem attractive I have been advised they are not effective as a deterrent as the bad guys cover up so any video is mostly useless as a identifying tool.
    6th Apr 2017
    Another one I have been made aware of, do not have a flash car in the driveway. Thieves are very aware that a flash car is a sign of affluence, and it makes a very hot item to steal.
    I wondered why a near neighbour of mine had a dilapidated ute parked in his driveway when he had a nice new Audi in his lock-up garage. It was, he says, to make car thieves think it wasn't worth stealing and to convince the potential burglars that someone was at home when he wasn't.
    normie 39
    5th Apr 2017
    It's all very well to have the glow from an imitation Television,but a few of we seniors have
    hearing problems and have the volume up when we are on our own and I suspect that any
    crook would soon twig to this even if it was very late at night when we do doze off at times
    during a dull show.
    22nd Apr 2020
    very interesting information, it’s a pity that it was not when I chose the security system for my home
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    The security system works really and it also looks really nice! Also got all the equipment for free. Great company, Great product and customer service!

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