How to use video calls on your phone

Whether you are living far away from your grandkids or just want to show off your holiday location or hotel room to friends and family, video calls are a great way to do it.

Using the video app functions can also be a lot cheaper than making phone calls, particularly if you, or the person you are talking to, are overseas.

Some applications, will only work on one operating system, so it is no use using an app like Facetime if you are trying to communicate between iPhone and Android. Some apps however, are right to use on any device.



Free of cost from Google Play Store for android or from App store for iOS.


Skype is the most used video call messenger worldwide. You can get connected to your friends and family on the go, no matter whether they are using skype on android or iPhone. Skype is a communication program which is free to use for chatting and video calls, so long as both parties are on the Skype platform. The only time you need to pay for a Skype service is if you want to make inexpensive phone calls to anywhere in the world, but the other party is not using the platform. If you have several friends on Skype you can even video call more than one of them at once for a group chat.

How to use

1. Install the app from App Store or Play Store.

2. Click to open the app.

3. Get your username registered.

4. Make video calls any time you want.

Google Hangouts


It can be downloaded free of cost for iPhone or Android.


This app allows you to send instant text messages, make voice and video calls between iOS and Android. You do need to have a Google account to use it, so if you don’t have one go to to set one up.

How to use

1. Install the app from App store or Play store.

2. Open the app by tapping on the icon.

3. Sign in using your Google account.

4. Click the ‘Start a hangout’ button at the top right hand side of the Google+ home screen.

5. Follow the prompts and invite people to the hangout via email or name your hangout.

6. Click ‘Hang Out’ and the room will open when the first invitee joins.



Free of cost from Google Play Store for Android or from App store for iOS.


Viber is just like Skype but doesn’t need you to add contact or ask for IDs because everyone’s phone number in your address book is their ID. That means your contact list is automatically updated.

How to use

1. Download the app from store.

2. Open the app by tapping on its icon.

3. Register your phone number and then synchronise the contacts.

4. Start dialling video calls.

Facebook Messenger


It can be downloaded free for Android and iPhone.


Facebook Video Chat allows you to start a conversation with any of your friends on the social network. You can synchronise your Facebook friends and the contacts from your phone all at once. If you don’t want video, just press the phone-like icon and Messenger let’s you make regular calls.

How to use

1. Install the app from App Store or Play Store.

2. Login with your Facebook ID.

3. Click on the icon which looks like a video camera.

4. The person will now be prompted to start a video call with you.

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