Obituary takes aim at Trump

What will your obituary say? Grandmother Elizabeth Smith passed away in the US last week, but before she went, she had one last thing to say about Donald Trump.

The 87-year-old Connecticut grandmother’s passing was published in a touching newspaper obituary, which mentioned her love of travelling to Yellowstone Park, hiking in the Canadian Rockies and white water rafting in West Virginia.

It also included a not-so-subtle dig at the country’s 45th President, Donald Trump. Ms Smith’s family took the opportunity to make her political views known, including the line, “Liz is smiling now, not to be living during the Trump presidency.”

Her daughter, Deborah, said that her mother had seen a similar gibe made in somebody else’s obituary and thought it was a good idea.

Another American woman, Mary Anne Noland, who passed away during the Presidential Election last year, had her family write another entertaining death notice:

“Faced with the prospect of voting either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, Mary Anne Noland of Richmond chose, instead, to pass into the eternal love of God on Sunday.”

Finally, grandmother Ruth, 86, choose to go out with a bang, leaving instructions in her will to include a jab at President Trump in her obituary.

“She enjoyed riding horses, crocheting pillows for her grandchildren, and cooking her signature pasta casserole. As stipulated in her will, Ruth wanted to make sure her obituary included this final line: “If you vote for Donald Trump, you seriously must be a f******g dumb a**.”

These women prove that Donald Trump just cannot escape scrutiny, even from beyond the grave.


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