Seven lessons from 72 nations

There are some things that are best taught – or learnt as the case may well be – outside the classroom. With that in mind, Global Degree have set out on the ambitious journey of stepping foot into every country in the world to eventually graduate with their “Global Degree”.

Not for the faint-hearted, or necessarily an adventure that would be on everyone’s bucket list, they have recently published a video featuring seven life lessons learned from visiting 72 nations in three years. A personal experience from one of their travellers, the video is aimed at sharing life lessons learned with those who have not necessarily travelled or don’t see the need to.

The seven lessons featured are:

  1. life is short
  2. go against the herd
  3. embrace the unknown
  4. trust in your own path
  5. dream big ask for help from others
  6. people are good everywhere
  7. you are the creator.

Featuring a quote from Steve Jobs and some incredible travel footage, each point is expanded on during the three-minute video. With the common thread of living your life to the fullest, following your dreams and trusting in yourself, the video seems to encourage viewers to restore their faith in humanity and the world.

While arguable, not all of the lessons require travel to be learnt. It is difficult to deny that these seven learnings are good to remember as you go about your daily life.

With a further two years to finish the 195 countries, it will be interesting to see if the seven life lessons imparted above still stand at the end of the Global Degree journey.

Do you agree with the seven lessons shared? What life lesson has travel taught you?

Read more at Global Degree.

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Written by SJ


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