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If you’re looking for health insurance that provides cover for the important things and is tailored to the over 50s, then you may find Apia health insurance rewarding.
Health insurance is an important consideration for people wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whilst health insurance does come at a cost, not having any cover can potentially be even more costly. Not only can your tax liability increase, but a sudden illness may also have you facing unexpected and expensive medical bills.  Finding affordable health insurance, which not only fits your budget, but also your life stage, need not be difficult.
Apia has always specialised in insurance for the over 50s, and it believes the healthier you are, the better you can keep living life. With Apia health insurance that’s tailored to the needs of those over 50, now is the time to review your health cover and check if better value options are available.
To find out more about Apia health insurance which is issued by nib health funds ltd and what it offers you, visit

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    Health Insurance in Australia is a Joke. We pay every year (from age 16 – 69) without a claim except for the birth of our children. Go back to Medicare a non profit scheme which looks after the customer, not these private (for profit) organisations who look after their investors.

    How often do we see insures offering rewards for member to swap, yet never offer reward for loyalty. Every year they ask the government to approve increases, why not allow them to charge whatever they like, and remove the regulations on enforcement to join. Public hospitals should only have one list for procedures without discriminating private patients come first. First in first served.

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    With APIA I did a lot better with car insurance but havn”t tried health insurance as I pay yearly to get a discount but will review next time it is due.

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    If you have a pre existing condition and are paying into an existing private health can you swap health funds and still be covered for that condition?

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    Apia Health Insurance is provided by NIB.? The very Health Insurance i am so dismayed with Now that I NEED to use it more, aged 66, I now cant afford it!!! How is that fair????

    I heartily agree that a reward for Loyalty is necessary so that we older people can be looked after in old age having paid all our lives….

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      Many health funds are not cutting out cover for things that over 60’s NEED – like hip/knee replacements, etc while still retaining childbirth related cover. We should be able to choose the cover we want – not that the company’s dictate. Instead, you have to spend hours trawling through conditions of EACH fund, to find the fine print of what you are and aren’t covered for. And also sneaky cover that drops certain items from your cover. This happened to me a few years ago – one minute I was covered, then they dropped it, very quietly. I never automatically renew any insurance – loyalty is a penalty, not a reward.
      A neighbour of mine (elderly) had religiously paid her home insurance to RACQ for over 30 years, thinking she was being charged a fair price. Didn’t think so when I found her MANY policies a third of the price she was paying and for better cover. But oh it is such a tiresome, lengthy waste of time, trawling through all those policies!! And then you get hounded with phone calls from company’s even if you say you are not interested. I do object to giving my phone number just when inquiring about a price online – so now I just put a fake number.

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    Robbo, Apia is via NIB, it’s going up nearly $10 f/n. However after hours of searching it was the only one I found that wouldn’t charge a 69yr old for obstetrics & IVF. No Man should be paying for obstetrics whatever their age. It was the only one I found that in top cover only would cover for a hip replacement. Because of injuries to my spine it would be detrimental to me to have it done old fashioned way, need it done the Anterior method, just a 4″ cut on side, not through muscle in buttock nr sciatic nerve, The method required is not allowed by the government on medicare, no exceptions. Anterior is about the only method used in Europe & UK. Needed replacement for over 12yrs, was required to see Neurosugeon for report on spine before anyone would operate the old method. That request was sent 2nd Feb 2011, still haven’t seen that specialist. When I asked why not, I was told ” Perhaps the surgeon looked at your reports etc & decided there was nothing they could do. Why could he not look me in the face & explain to me instead of rudely ignoring me. That’s our great Medicare scheme. I have no choice but to find money for private cover & hope I don’t starve to death before getting it done.
    People who can afford private cover should be the ones made to pay for it. I know a man with 4 houses, lives with a woman for free & will not get private health cover! You should be allowed to choose what you want to pay for.

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      Gypsyfeet – absolutely agree with you. And as per my earlier post, I too am sick and tired of quotes that – after clearly stating my age and ticking the areas I need – include reproductive services and weight loss surgery, but then exclude hip/knee replacements. As a mid 60’s person, the one thing I may need (hopefully won’t) is denied me, but I am stuck with services that are useless to me. I have spent hours getting quotes and the lack of real info, the continual ‘hidden’ clauses, exclusions and conditions is just ludicrous. I am SURE that the main reason is to deliberately confuse customers, not help them. Putting it simply – ‘Being healthy is only for the wealthy’.



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