Should GPS tracking devices be fitted in every car?

Should every new car sold be fitted with a GPS tracking device?

cars being tracked by gps

Former Victoria Police chief commissioner Kel Glare has suggested that every new car sold should be fitted with a GPS tracking device in an effort to deter and prevent crimes.  

It is believed that GPS tracking devices would significantly improve the effectiveness of the police force in reducing and solving crime – recently GPS data collected from a stolen ambulance in South Australia was used to find the body of a murdered nurse.

The ability to quickly find and locate a stolen car would be an important aspect of GPS tracking, but the wider application would see notifications setup so that the police are alerted to proximity breaches of restraining orders, potentially leading to life-saving interventions.

While the idea of implementing GPS tracking devices into cars Australia-wide seems a sensible idea, it’s a policy that poses significant privacy concerns and may need thinking through before it’s considered by any government.

What do you think? Would you feel safer knowing your car is being tracked by GPS? Or is being tracked wherever you drive simply too much of a breach of your privacy for you to consider the plan?


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    22nd Nov 2016
    The claims of preventing crime are pretty hollow. This is about control and the implications are about as bad as it gets.
    Of course the usual method of operation is you do the deed and people only find out about the bad stuff down the track and then too late. I'm glad that my time on this earth is limited and feel sorry for my children and theirs with this sort of thing happening. There is no need of it and people need to say no. Americans do. Australians don't.
    22nd Nov 2016
    You gotta be joking ! Ain't gonna happen at this address !
    22nd Nov 2016
    welcome to the 3rd reich, heil hitler. Ant the sheep will think its a good idea.
    22nd Nov 2016
    And car thieves will also be opposed to it.
    Mrs Hedgehog
    22nd Nov 2016
    If they want to track me I can bore them stupid paying bills and buying a few veg.
    I suspect it's really a convenient idea to increase the size and structure system of the police force - i.e. the more people to supervise equals greater responsibility and higher pay and a new area provides a cosy spot to transfer some members.
    22nd Nov 2016
    Not sure I agree that this would increase the size and structure of the police force. It could result in a re-direction of existing police e.g. from traffic cop to crime investigation. After all, if cars can be electronically tracked, all those speeding, red-light jumping, illegal parking, erratic driving etc could be issued with automatically generated fines; spurious insurance claims would be easily dismissed and fruitless court cases fighting fines could be reduced.

    And there would be sunshine and butterflies everyday and unicorns playing in every paddock!
    22nd Nov 2016
    How long will it take for the criminals to dismantle the GPS ?????
    22nd Nov 2016
    About 3.6 seconds! On a difficult case!
    22nd Nov 2016
    These two comments are just throwaway lines without any basic scientific justification. Maybe before you make these style of comments that you investigate the technology available that would 'kill' the computer in modern cars upon disconnection of the GPS, thus making them immobile.
    22nd Nov 2016
    Lighten up Idontforget. The technology that kills the engine of a stolen car does indeed already exist - with or without the coupling of GPS. BUT the police need to be in attendance, actually see the thief break into the car before they can activate it from a few meters away rendering the car immobile. However, it doesn't stop the thief breaking in and attempting to steal the car in the first place now does it. The only thing is now they don't know whether the car is being watched or not. Having the technology in every car will allow the criminal to perfect their approach and be able to disconnect the relevant mechanisms at speed, in the dark and with one arm tied behind their back.
    22nd Nov 2016
    KSS I said, 'kills' the computer, not the engine. That is, all programs and data on the computer is erased and therefore the the engine will not run. It can only be re programmed at at a dealer service centre and it cannot be re programmed if the GPS is not connected.
    22nd Nov 2016
    That is the technology available in the USA and the a lesser extent in GB and it works. Thieves will not take the risk of towing a stolen vehicle to an authorised dealer to have it reprogrammed.
    Polly Esther
    22nd Nov 2016
    No doubt Mr and Mrs Plod need all the help they can get these days.
    Anything to help save their bacon :-)

    22nd Nov 2016
    I have nothing to hide so I can't disagree.

    22nd Nov 2016
    The biggest crime comes from governments who can control the masses with abusive use of information obtained. Already, we have corporations controlling Governments all over the world and particularly in the USA whose political system is a 'corporatocracy'.

    Governments are becoming less and less TRANSPARENT and less and less ACCOUNTABLE to the PEOPLE they govern. An obvious situation when they answer to corporations, instead of the people.

    It is also obvious that governments will USE any INFORMATION they can to control the populace and particularly anyone who speaks against anything the govt is doing that is not in the interests of the country and its people but in the interests of corporations (foreign & national).

    So.... if you want to ensure YOUR government stays OPEN & ACCOUNTABLE and want them to manage for the benefit of the PEOPLE and the COUNTRY and NOT corporations and those 1% that own the world, then do NOT allow governments to TRACK, SPY or GATHER data on its populace.

    IF they suspect criminal behaviour, they ALREADY have POWERS to track, spy and gather data on these particular people.

    NO, if you want to have YOUR government to be OPAQUE, CORRUPT and CONTROLLED by the wealthy elite 1% & their megacorporations, then support this DESTRUCTION of DEMOCRACY and REMOVAL of your RIGHTS!

    Otherwise, fight this disgusting and corrupt shift in power from the people to corporations and their leashholders.

    22nd Nov 2016
    For any GOVERNMENT to say they need the power to TRACK, SPY and GATHER DATA on its populace, under the guise of we want to catch criminals (a CON), then they are already way down the road to OPAQUE & CORRUPT & in the grasps of corporate/elite.

    The ONLY thing megacorps are frightened of is the PEOPLE..... hence, there is a huge push to get control of the masses, in order to protect their control over whole countries and wealth flowing from the people's pockets, into their own pockets.

    Think I am a bit over the top, then look at the USA. Once, the mightiest and most prosperous country in the world and now half its people are living in poverty and some even in 3rd world conditions. OVER 80million people are unemployed, poverty is growing, slums are expanding, wholes Cities are ghost towns, violent crime is a daily occurrence, drug use is now an industry and out of control, Public education & health are a joke and the people have little control over the management of their own country!!!!

    So, where has this country's wealth gone?? 1% own 95% of the wealth and 99% own 5% of the wealth.... I think that explains where it has gone and WHO controls the government.... it certainly is not the people.
    22nd Nov 2016
    you think mussolini raves and his comments are incoherent, wait till his mate, barak the middle east mouthpiece unleashes his and as for the other comments, if you got nothing to hide or play by the rules, why worry, you whole life now is like an open book to the authorities.
    Nan Norma
    22nd Nov 2016
    These things are always start off as a good idea until someone abuses them.What if this GPS was only turned on when you alighted from the car. A flight recorder is switched on by the crew and switched off when they leave the aircraft.
    22nd Nov 2016
    I personally don't care if the police, government or just about anybody knows where I have been or where I am. I'm boring.
    22nd Nov 2016
    Seems like a reasonable idea to me. If most cars had GPS fitted there would be so much data that it would swamp the Police/GPS tracking authority. So they would only have to concentrate on suspected stolen vehicles. Obviously insurance companies would likely offer a substantial discount on GPS fitted vehicles. If the authorities wanted to track your movements there are other ways, mobile phones, CCTV, face recognition, number plate recognition plus probably others we don't know about yet
    22nd Nov 2016
    GPS fitted to commercial vehicles record more than location but also speed and when combined with dashcam makes drivers aware they cannot get away with driving infringements making the roads safer for us all.
    23rd Nov 2016
    I suppose you could be tracked and your speed checked.....and fine issued by mail
    23rd Nov 2016
    Exactly right, if you choose to speed then you deserve the fine. I have no objection to any measure that will make our roads safer for my grandchildren, including booze buses, speed cameras, traffic light cameras, unmarked patrol cars, GPS tracking or anything else I have forgotten.
    If you do the crime you deserve the fine.

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