Call centres are selling your data

Overseas call centres have been frustrating Australians for years, and now they’re selling our private data. When will Australian businesses accept their responsibilities?

Fairfax Media has revealed that AI Solutions, a Mumbai-based firm, is selling the private details of Telstra, Optus and Vodafone customers.

For between $350 and $1000, you can buy the phone records, home address and other details of the major telco customers. If the target is a VIP, politician, police officer, or celebrity, the prices run even higher.

AI solutions is just one of several companies that is selling private information received illegally from employees of call centres.

The three major telcos have responded with the following:

Telstra stated that it is “aware this type of sophisticated criminal activity does take place from time to time across most industries and we do everything we can to protect our customers’ data”.

Optus stated it “is aware that a third party has attempted to infiltrate our call centres seeking access to customer data” – and has referred the issue to the Australian Federal Police.

Vodafone stated that it is “aware there are individuals who do attempt to illegally access data through various channels from companies and organisations which hold customer information” – and has urged anyone with information to contact them.

Read more at Sydney Morning Herald.

Consumers are already fed up with outsourced call centres, with simple issues often taking hours to resolve. Will this incident be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Or will telecommunication companies continue to outsource regardless of customer inconvenience and breaches of trust? 

Would you pay more money for your phone or internet service if you knew that the carrier was running their own call centres in Australia?

If you’re fed up, feel free to sound off in the comments below, but don’t stop there. Give your provider a call and let them know; that’s if you can find anyone in our country to contact.

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