Your guide to being holiday ready

Whether you are jetting off to a tropical island or going down the coast, there’s one thing for sure that most of us need to do: we pluck and polish to get our bodies holiday ready.  

Over 16 million people travelled in 2017, with thousands of beauty salons seeing holidaymakers coming in for pre-holiday waxes, spray tans, laser treatments and to get their hair and nails in shape as part of their holiday ritual before they head off.

“Beauty salons across Australia see a rise in people booking appointments to get themselves beauty ready, however many Australians get confused on the best time to get treatments before they go,” says Sarah Pelham, a beauty expert at the beauty and wellness booking platform Bookwell.

Here are some of Sarah’s top tips to make sure you feel fresh and look your best before your trip.

Two weeks before Update your hairdo
Make sure you have great hair and selfies by getting a haircut and colour at least two weeks before it is time to depart. Get your hair trimmed to ensure it is healthy and in good condition especially after any colour job, as this will impact the overall results. Hair usually takes a couple of weeks to settle, so you will be feeling confident about your new mane. If you plan to be a mermaid by spending a lot of time in the natural elements, be aware that your hair may get dry and stripped of moisture as well as being at risk of any new colour fading. 

Tip: To prevent colour fading, make sure you apply SPF hair protector and leave-in conditioner before and even after entering chlorine or sea salt water. Also by wearing your hair up or under a large sun-hat, you will protect it against the elements.

One week before Treat your feet
Walk barefoot to and from the pool with confidence by making sure you take care of your feet at least one week before your trip. Remove rough skin by booking yourself in for a salon pedicure to receive soothing and exfoliating treatments as well as toe nail care. If you get your toenails painted with normal nail polish it can last up to two weeks, but Shellac and SNS last up to three weeks with a luxurious high-shine finish. 

Tip: Maintain that smooth feeling by regularly filing your dry skin before showering, followed by applying intensive foot lotion that will ultimately soften the skin and disguise stubborn calluses.

Three days before – wax lyrical
If you choose to wax, it is guaranteed you will look and feel silky smooth for weeks into your holiday as there’s nothing more annoying than shaving while away. Feel comfortable and carefree in your swimwear by booking in with a beautician and getting a wax at least three days before you depart to allow your skin to settle, especially before going into the sun. 

Tip: To prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate your skin 48 hours before your wax. You can also buy ingrown hair products to use after your wax to keep your skin looking silky smooth and make sure you wear loose fitting clothes after your appointment to prevent redness and skin irritation.

Two days before – eyelash extensions
For those who love wearing makeup – having eyelash extensions are a great way of streamlining your usual makeup routine and it’s the perfect way of having thicker and longer lashes that are waterproof. They will look great throughout your holiday and you don’t have to remove them at night. They can last up to four weeks.  

Tip: As the extensions are placed with glue, go into the salon a week before to have a skin test to make sure you are not allergic, and so prevent rashes or swelling. Also, there are different lengths and thicknesses. The therapist should be able to advise on the best lashes for you, for example, if your lashes are shorter and thinner, you won’t be able to have massive thick lash extensions.

Do you have a beauty routine before you go on holiday?

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