Best grocery shopping apps

For those aiming to reduce their weekly grocery bill, there are many ways to save at the supermarket. 

While the days of scanning through the catalogues that arrive weekly in the mailbox may be a thing of the past, we run the rule over grocery shopping apps that can save you time and money when it comes to doing your supermarket shopping.

Official supermarket apps
We will start with the three leading Australian supermarket chains that all offer their own special apps with their own individual features and advantages.

Shopping at Aldi is already a cost-effective way to fill your pantry, but with its new Special Buys app, you can save even more on your weekly grocery run.

Aldi’s Special Buys app allows you to see product specials a week before they hit the stores. You can browse the entire Aldi range and create a shopping list of products you want to buy, or you can set reminders so you don’t miss out on a great deal.

The shopping list function is an ideal way to save money. By checking the products you need, you’re less likely to be tempted by the confectionary aisle or the discounted homewares usually available instore.

And if you happen to be visiting friends in another suburb, or have some spare time for your shopping when you’re out and about, you can use the app’s handy store locator to find the Aldi nearest to you.

If you’re a fan of the Aldi bottle shop, then you’ll love the ability to create your own wine case mix.

Or, if you see something you think your friends or family need, you can let them know by using the special share feature.

The Aldi app is available for Apple and Android devices.

The app features all of the weekly specials and provides exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming specials.

It also provides the aisle location of everything on your shopping list and you can add your favourite products to your watchlist, so you can be notified when they are on special.

The app also has access to over 1000 recipes for your next meal inspiration.

It also has the ability to link your Flybuys account into the app, which means that you can scan your barcode even if you don’t have your physical card handy when you are at the shop. You can also keep an eye on your points tally through the app.

The Coles app is available for Apple and Android devices.

Like the Coles app, the Woolworths app offers access to the weekly catalogue and a sneak peek at upcoming specials, the ability to locate items instore, access to thousands of recipes and an ability to link your Everyday Rewards card.

You can also create shopping lists for your weekly shop or for special occasions and share it to make your shopping experience easier, with the ability to check off items from your list as you shop, or simply add to your cart and order online for delivery or pick up.

If you use the pick-up option, you can track when your groceries are ready and receive updates on the progress of your orders.

The Woolworths app is available for Apple and Android devices.

Non-supermarket apps
Of course, the supermarket apps are only useful if you only ever shop at one store, but the real savings come when you are able to compare prices at all supermarkets to find the best deal for the items that you want. Here are some of the best apps that offer those features.

Half Price
As the name suggests, this app accesses online catalogues and looks for items and products that are half price. The app is free and allows you to build up a half-price shopping list to save you time and money. The only drawback for this app is that it only grabs prices from Coles and Woolworths (includes Liquorland and BWS though).

The Half Price app is available for Apple and Android devices.

Another free app, finding deals on thousands of products, while also providing dietary personalisation, customer recommendations and daily organisation. The app allows you to compare prices on tens of thousands of grocery products and get the latest promotions on thousands of products each week, including ones specifically tailored for you.

You can also create multiple custom shopping lists from scratch or from your pantry using the built-in product scanning feature. As with Half Price, the app only compares prices between Woolworths and Coles, which can be a bit limiting.

Frugl is available for Apple and Android devices.

Wiselist helps you to create a grocery list with a price comparison feature that can be shared with family members in real time. It is also free and allows you to add products to your watch list to receive notifications when they are on special. Again, it only compares prices between Woolworths and Coles at this stage but you can add your Flybuys and Woolworths Rewards card to the app for use when you are in the supermarket.

Wiselist is available for Apple and Android devices.

Do you use grocery shopping apps? Which one would you recommend?

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