Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 23

In episode 23 of Mind Your Own Retirement Deeksie starts of the show with a confession …

Then, Kaye and Deeksie talk to William Jolly from savings.com.au who offers great tips on choosing the best term deposit for retirees. He also delves into what would happen to your savings if the rates go negative, how interest rates are paid on term deposits, where you might find better rates of return, as well as how you can prevent losing money in tough times.

Learn more about William’s work at www.savings.com.au or follow savings.com.au on Facebook

Dairne John joins us next to talk about her recent South African road trip along Route 62 from Johannesburg to Prince Albert and Cape Town, where she took her Tassie-born husband on a rendezvous with her home country. After 32 years away from her homeland, Dairne returned to visit towns off the beaten track, and found fantastic wine and food and fabulous people along the way. She tells you why you should go to South Africa, how to stay safe and how to do it on a budget.

And Kaye’s 92-year-old mum Betty spills the beans on what Kaye was like as a youngster and moves on to navigating aged care. She explains how she made her decision about moving into aged care, what it’s like on the inside and what she gets up to while living there.

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