Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 24

In episode 24 of Mind Your Own Retirement, Deeksie reveals his ideal Christmas gift and Kaye shares why no one is on her Christmas list this year.

Then, Hank Jongen shares his true feelings about his role as Centrelink spokesperson, then explains what anyone travelling this holiday season may need to consider before they leave, including how travel affects the payments of all manner of pensions, any reductions that may occur with your payments or entitlements while you’re away, and the Medicare cruise loophole that may save you big money on healthcare at sea. He also explains how you can best ensure you aren’t unfairly penalised for being on holiday and when Centrelink is closed for reporting and payments dates.

Find out when your reporting and payment dates, head to www.humanservices.gov.au/holidays

Next, the team is joined by Professor Meredith Makeham, who is the chief medical adviser to the Australian Digital Health Agency, the system operator of the MyHealthRecord platform. Prof. Makeham explains how MyHealthRecord works, who can access your information and how you could benefit by being a part of the system.

Learn more about MyHealthRecord and the Australian Digital Health Agency

Finally, Leon comes in to talk about a disturbing Australian travel trend and shares thoughts on why Aussies find risky destinations so desirable, as well as where you can find all the information you need to stay safe overseas.

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