Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 26

Christmas is right around the corner, and to kick off episode 26 of Mind Your Own Retirement, Kaye tells Santa Deeksie about what she wants for Christmas.

‘Head Honcho Hank’ joins Deeksie and Kaye to explain what happens to your Centrelink payments over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, the support services available to you if you need additional assistance over this period and when your Medicare claims will be processed during down times.

Click here to find out about Centrelink reporting dates over the Christmas and New Year period and follow Centrelink of Facebook.

Also Steve Perkin airs his dirty laundry with the team, sharing disturbing information about your bed linen and how often you should wash them – and how.

Next in is Tony Archibald from Holland America Line, who shares his 35 years of travel experience with you, including the changes he’s seen in the world of travel, the way destinations have changed, the best places to cruise in 2020, why you should definitively add Alaska to your cruise list and what happens when he ticks a destination off his bucket list.

Finally, Kaye reveals when you’re most likely to be robbed during the holidays.

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