Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 35

This week, John and Kaye are joined by Emma Dawson. She’s the executive director of the thinktank Per Capita, and today she talks about pension poverty, what can and should be done about it and who’s most at risk of being pulled into this unfortunate cohort.

Jimmy Park from Specsavers also joins the team to discuss why eye checks are so important. They could save you from an ignominious fate, says Jimmy, who also explains how often you should have your eyes checked and the signs of diabetes to watch out for in between checks.

Learn more about eye health and the KeepSight program run by Specsavers and the federal government.

Sri Lanka was one of the fastest growing destinations prior to the 2019 Easter bombings. But, as Webjet chief Brendan Sawyer says, this amazing destination is back on its feet and back on the most-desired hot list. He also talks about why it should be on your wish list, as well as how to get you there for less.

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