Mind Your Own Retirement Episode 55

The recently released Federal Government economic statement was very ‘big picture’. But what does this outlook really mean for those on a retirement income? And how does the situation vary according to your retirement tribe? Today our favourite plain-speaking economist, Matt Grudnoff joins Deeksie and Kaye to make sense of the current financial turmoil, and how it might play out for your retirement security

Read Matt Grudnoff’s latest article from the July 2020 Retirement Affordability Index.

Our eyesight is a precious gift and protecting it a primary concern for most older adults. Today we have news of a free Tele Optometry service which means everyone can check in with a qualified professional to monitor their eyesight or receive feedback on any concerns. Dr Peter Murphy from OPSM explains how this works.

For more information visit www.opsm.com.au.

And which little piece of plastic is most useful when you want to save a dollar or two? None other than your Seniors card, which can unlock a wide range of deals and discounts. So what do you need to know about the different state and territory rules? Listen up to find out more.

Unsure what the Seniors Card entails? Check out YourLifeChoices Seniors Card explainer.

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