Podcast: How to look effortlessly chic, not floral and frumpy

middle aged woman in fashionable clothes

Style queen and shopping expert FiFi joins John Deeks and YourLifeChoices editor Janelle Ward to help you refine your wardrobe so that it suits you.

Fifi believes that many women are dressing older than they should be. Her advice is to wear what’s in fashion, but not all that is in fashion. Learn FiFi’s rules on prints and patterns and which are the ‘expensive’ colours.

She also shares items across a range of websites, with prices, to make shopping as simple as possible. It’s the perfect podcast to keep you looking your best.

For more information, visit The FiFi Report, read the many articles she’s written for YourLifeChoices or you can follow FiFi on Instagram here.

Written by YourLifeChoices Writers

YourLifeChoices' team of writers specialise in content that helps Australian over-50s make better decisions about wealth, health, travel and life. It's all in the name. For 22 years, we've been helping older Australians live their best lives.

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