Podcast: If you’re female and not financially fit, listen up

It’s well known that women face a number of unique financial obstacles: the gender pay gap, less super, more financial abuse, less business funding and increased homelessness. So it’s never been more important for women to be financially empowered.

On today’s YourLifeChoices podcast, I’m joined by financial planner and author Amanda Thompson. Amanda has dedicated herself to improving the financial fitness of women of all ages, so if you could benefit from a financial check-up (and who couldn’t!), then this episode is a must.

Amanda is the author of Financially Fit Women and founder of Endurance Financial. She is driven to support women to have a great relationship with money and own their own financial success. And she has had more than her share of challenges in life.

How are your finances tracking? Could you use some help getting them in order? Let us know in the comments section below.

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